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"With over 25 years experience we are one of the leading hair replacement, wigs and hair loss specialists
in the West Midlands and provide the service and answer to all your hair loss needs."

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Available and suitable for all patterns of hair loss...

Male Pattern Baldness

You can be sure that all kinds of male hair loss are treatable at our base in the city centre of Wolverhampton. Our clients come from up and down the country to avail of our solutions to male pattern baldness and various other hair loss conditions. We have thirty years of experience in the sector, so we are experts in the field. Our non surgical hair replacement systems are unique and natural, and our customers swear by them.

What service do you provide?

Our West Midlands hair replacement system is the perfect remedy to male pattern baldness and other hair loss. The system is not a toupee or a wig. It can be styled to match your own hair – and the colour can match your existing hair too in the same way. All natural colours are available, and the system itself looks completely natural. People won’t know it’s not your own hair. The advantages to this system are great indeed. It will bring about a confidence boost for a start. Why? Because it looks completely natural and it is made to fit your head exactly in terms of the areas where hair has been lost. You will look terrific, and you’ll feel better as a result. It will match your hair both in terms of style and of colour.

Our initial consultation will be free. That’s how confident we are in our products and services. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or for an appointment in one of our private and discreet cubicles. Our clients swear by our service, and travel some distance to receive it.

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