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Non Surgical Hair Replacement

"If you are experiencing male baldness and hair loss this can be solved with a non surgical hair replacement
system - its not a 'wig' or 'toupee' but a fully integrated, cut, styled and coloured system."

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The non surgical answer to your hair loss.
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Male Pattern Baldness

We are experts when it comes to the provision of hair loss solutions as we have been doing this work for thirty years. Based in the heart of Wolverhampton, we supply non surgical hair replacement systems to individuals who are suffering from male pattern baldness and any other number of conditions. We appreciate that male hair loss is a sensitive issue. Our clients (not just from the Midlands) will testify to the quality and the popularity of our products.

What service do you provide?

The hair replacement system is one of the most natural antidotes to hair loss and male pattern baldness. Whether you are thinning from the fringe area of the head, or you have started to lose hair from the crown or elsewhere, the system can be used to cover any hair loss. It can be styled in any way you choose, and its colour will match your own natural hair colour perfectly. Some of the benefits of this technique are obvious. It will restore anyone’s confidence who has suffered hair loss. It is a completely natural hair replacement treatment, with hair that will match your own hair perfectly. It can be styled to match your hair too.

Initial consultations are free. Why? Because we have plenty of faith in our service. So do our many clients, who are known to travel some distance to avail of our products. Make an appointment and we’ll carry out all our work in the privacy of one of our discreet cubicles.

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