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"If you are looking for a mens wig Walsall for the answer to your hair loss then we can provide the solution. With 25 years experience we specialise in hair replacement systems (wigs) - cut and styled to suit you."

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Male Pattern Baldness

Our non invasive hair loss treatments are second to none. With three decades of experience behind us, we can treat your male hair loss with completely unique solution that is totally natural. Based in Wolverhampton’s city centre, our spread extends beyond the Midlands to clients up and down the country who come to us for their hair loss solutions. With our hair replacement & wigs, you can be sure that our products are the right fit for you.

What service do you provide?

You may ask what exactly is meant by the term ‘hair replacement’? It’s an umbrella term to capture any number of treatments. However, our hair replacement Walsall will match your own existing hair perfectly – both in terms of style and of colour. Indeed, if you want to change your hair style, you can do so safe in the knowledge that we have the means to do it. It is a great solution to male pattern baldness and other hair loss. Chief among the benefits of this system is the fact that it is customised to each head. It matches any existing natural hair perfectly, filling in the patches that are missing or thinning in a very natural looking way. It is a made to measure method of treating hair loss, and it is sure to provide a boost in confidence.

Our clients travel from far afield because they are happy with our treatments. Our work is carried out in discreet private cubicles. Contact us today for any advice related to hair care and hair loss, or to book an appointment for a free initial consultation.

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Fitting and cutting a hair replacement system.


Hair Replacement Walsall | Mens Wigs Walsall | Hair Loss Specialists Hair replacement systems are non surgical 'wigs' for men and available in Walsall.

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