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"Looking for a solution to your hair loss? - We have over 25 years experience with clients from across the UK
providing systems that are fully integrated, blended with existing hair, cut, styled and coloured to suit you"

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For people bothered by male hair loss Birmingham there is an effortless resolution. We have more than thirty years of practice, working hard to offer a prompt and satisfying remedy to all pattern and complete baldness, with our genuinely innovative non surgical hair replacement systems. Situated in Wolverhampton, dedicated to attaining your content, we are proud to have a wide array of customers from all corners of the United Kingdom, using the exciting opportunity to improve their appearance with the aid of our service.

The advantages of our system

You may not know what 'hair replacement' stands for, and it may sound like it refers to a typical hair piece added artificially. For a remedy to male hair recession problems, if you want to regain your hair entirety, the hair shape you want, in an attractive and effortless manner, our hair replacement system offers an organic remedy for all your expectations.

You will also gain delight in your new and greatly improved appearance. With our adaptive system it is easy to shape your unique look, it creates the resolution you need in conformity with the type of your baldness. Your existing hair will seamlessly form a unison with the new hair addition. What is more, you will be able to select any hairstyle and colouring.

Our satisfied customers who often come from far away know the value of our services. We extend a remedy for one of the indispensable components of our appearance, our hair. We offer free consultations in descreet cubicles - call to arrange a meeting with a hair loss specialist Birmingham.


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