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"We have many years experience in hair loss and providing the best solution for children. We offer the complete
service of cutting and styling to ensure natural and unqiue results"

We offer free consultations in private cubicles with a male or female hair loss expert.


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Childrens Wigs Birmingham
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We have over 30 years experience in hair loss, hair replacement and childrens wigs and can meet all needs to finding the solution for hair loss and understand the implications with a child loosing his/her hair.

If you are looking for childrens wigs near the Birmingham area then we feel we can offer the service that you are looking for - all our consultations are carried out in private cubicles with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We also have both male and female specialists who are more than happy to provide advice and show you the different children's wigs that are available.

We also offer a full fitting, cutting and styling service - the look that can be achieved by a professional is fantastic and natural - it will be near impossible for anyone to see that a system is being worn.

For more information or to book a free consultation at our salon please complete the online form above or call us on 01902 420374 and ask to speak to Maggie or Claire.

To book your FREE consultation please call 01902 420374 or contact us above.

Childrens Wigs Birmingham | Natural Childrens Wigs For Hair Loss.

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